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Secure calling and messaging.

With CallingVault you can communicate knowing that your calls, texts and pics are always safe and secure

Know it's a business call

CallingVault calls are Identified and separate from personal calls.

You control your business hours

When you’re off, CallingVault will hold your calls, texts and messages.


CallingVault contacts are separate from personal contacts and 100% secure.

Set it and Forget it

CallingVault’s Control Center allows commands to intuitively control who gets through, when they get through, or even if they get through.

Choose your area code

Want to expand your geo-presence? Choose an area code anywhere in the U.S.

Free Secure App

Only you have access to CallingVault information through the Secure App.

Private & Anonymous

Business is business, so your CallingVault number can’t be traced or cross referenced with your personal information.

Communication Continuity

Phone lost, stolen or dead battery? Download the CallingVault app from another cell phone and just login.


CallingVault works wherever you have cell service, so you won’t miss making or receiving an important call.

Kristiana T.

Personal Trainer

“Many of my clients are high profile. The CallingVault secure app protects their information and the communications between us. What’s also great is that it’s completely separate from my personal cell number contacts, calls, texts & pics. Many of my clients were so impressed with CallingVault, they became members themselves. We love CallingVault!”

It’s not personal – it’s strictly business

CallingVault keeps your business contacts completely secure and separate from your personal ones, so you can access and organize your business contacts directly.

Control Center

The control center was designed to segment your contacts from non-contacts. This allows you to choose by segment or individual who gets through, when they get through, or even if they get through.

Access Control.

CallingVault can even segment your contacts from unidentified numbers to eliminate SPAM calls.

Ryan S

Unique NY

“I carried 2 cell phones for years to separate personal and business calls. It was extremely inconvenient and expensive. I started a CallingVault membership and put my second phone to sleep for good!”

Work from home safely and securely

The recent changes in our daily lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work remotely from home. A CallingVault number ensures your customers have a safe, secure and direct line to you no matter where you are.

Tony R.

President, IT Professionals

“Being self-employed means I wear many hats. I made my CallingVault number a Customer Support hotline, so I always know how to answer the call. It’s been a great help!”

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