Your personal cell number
should be for family and friends.
Your CallingVault number
should be for everyone else!

CallingVault is so much more than a private secondary number for your smart phone! It is a powerful Communications Management System that intuitively, but simply puts you in control of who has access to you, when they have access to you, or even if they have access to you.

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Because your personal cell number is not for everyone!™

It seems no matter where you go or what you do, your cell phone number has become part of your DNA. Because many people have given up home phones and other landlines, your cell phone has become your primary communication device.

It is also the number you give out for multiple reasons. Whether you date, shop, buy, sell, subscribe, apply or do business online or off-line, you may have to give out your personal cell number to people or entities you may not even know. This can threaten your privacy directly and indirectly as more entities are selling your information to solicitors, marketing companies and other organizations. Maybe you have already begun to experience those calls! So what do you do?

  • Private Phone Line
  • Selective & Intuitive
    Call Blocking
    • Contacts
    • Non-Contacts
  • Selective & Intuitive
    Take Call
    • Contacts
    • Non-Contacts
  • Selective & Intuitive
    Do Not Disturb

CallingVault is the solution.

Imagine the peace of mind that you will have knowing that you can give out your cell number without fear of intrusions or unwanted calls while protecting your privacy! CallingVault is the solution!

You can give out your CallingVault (secondary) cell number and intuitively control who gets through to you, when they get through to you, or even if they get through to you, all through your FREE App and the FREE Secure Web Portal that comes with every subscription!

Take Control

What goes in the Vault stays in the Vault.

Your CallingVault secure web portal logs Contacts, Calls, Texts, etc. that only you can access through your private user ID and Password. They will remain in your Vault until you delete them. But that’s not all…. You can use your computer, laptop, iPad or Android device to logon to your portal and use it the same way you would your smart phone. You can also use someone else’s device to access your CallingVault account. This ensures communication continuity in case something happens to your cell phone.

Choose an area code anywhere in the United States!

CallingVault has an unlimited pool of numbers to accommodate area codes in every city in the U.S. Just pick the area code that’s best for you!

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Accessible from anywhere, any way.

CallingVault’s virtual phone line is easily accessed through your smartphone, or from a personal computer, laptop or tablet with an internet connection, making it easy and convenient for you to communicate.

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