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Why CallingVault?


Why Online Dating?
Why Self-Employed?
Why Professionals?
Why Business People?

Our Features

  • Intuitive and Selective

    CallingVault gives you the control to intuitively select who gets through to you, when they get through to you, or even if they get through to you! That control comes through your FREE Secure CallingVault App as part of your CallingVault subscription!

  • Security and Diversity

    CallingVault was designed to be your secure communications management system. After your first login to the CallingVault app through your private user ID and temporary Password, you can choose your private password for future access. If something happens to your phone, you can download the CallingVault app from another cell phone and use your credentials to get into your account. This ensures communication continuity.

  • Choose an area code anywhere in the United States!

    CallingVault has access to area codes and phone numbers in just about every city in the U.S. You can choose your area code by entering one you know, or by city and state to get the available area codes and numbers in or around that city!

  • Private, Secure, Anonymous

    CallingVault has been tested and found to be completely private, secure and Anonymous. Your CallingVault number can’t be traced or cross referenced with your personal information!

  • Stop Robo and Solicitation Calls

    If you’re getting bombarded with Robo and Solicitation calls every day like the rest of us, it is probably a direct result of online and offline businesses selling your information to marketing companies. If you want to stop those calls, start giving out your CallingVault number to everyone outside of your friends and family, and never have to answer an unwanted call again!

  • Peace of Mind

    Giving out your cell number knowing that it is private, secure and can’t be traced to your personal information is gratifying enough, but also having control over any caller trying to contact you is truly peace of mind.