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How does CallingVault work?
CallingVault bridges to your current cell service to make and receive calls, texts, pics.
What devices do you support?
CallingVault works on iOS and Android
Does CallingVault use my phone plan’s minutes?
CallingVault works anywhere you have cell service, and will utilize the connection to your carrier. If you use Wi-Fi through your carrier, then that’s how the call will be sent. As most plans are unlimited calls, texts and in most cases data.
How good is the call quality?
Your call quality will be as good as your cell phone call quality.
Can I distinguish between business and personal calls?
Yes. CallingVault will give you a verbal notice that a CallingVault call is arriving.
Will I get any caller ID when receiving a CallingVault call?
Yes. Either a name if you have that business contact in your CallingVault contact list, or the actual number if it’s a non-contact.


What does a CallingVault monthly membership cost?
$19.95 for the first month (after your free trial), and $29.95 per month after that.
Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes. If you ever decide that CallingVault isn’t the best solution for you, cancel right from the app or web site via support.

Phone Numbers

What types of numbers do you offer?
We offer U.S. numbers in just about every city. We also offer toll free numbers.
Can I use my own phone number?
Yes. We can port your current number to CallingVault
Can I change my CallingVault number?
Yes. Just contact support from the app and we will arrange a change of numbers.
What number will my customers see when I call?
Only your CallingVault number will appear. Your personal number stays safe and secure.

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