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$3.25/  month
Billed annually.
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CallingVault Features

Unlimited Voicemail
Selective Call Forwarding
Instant Contact Blocking
Email Notifications
Dial Out Privately
Use a Gift Card & Stay Anonymous
Protected Billing Info
SSL Encryption
Local Area Code
Organize Your Conversations
Compatible With Nearly All Smartphones
Friendly Customer Support

Questions & Answers

Is CallingVault billed monthly?
Nope! Simply pay once without worrying about recurring payments or credit cards expiring. You'll have your number for a full year, at which point we'll send you a friendly reminder to renew if you'd like.
Can I add texts or minutes?
Yes! Buy only the texts and minutes you need, when you need them, and use them as long as you're a CallingVault member. If you renew your number at the end of the year, any remaining texts and minutes will be rolled over. Rates are listed below:
250 500 1000
Texts $3.50 $6.50 $10.00
Minutes $7.00 $12.00 $22.00
Can I port my current phone number to CallingVault?
CallingVault does not yet support number porting, but we're actively working on implementing it and hope to offer that capability soon.
How do I know I've received a message in my CallingVault account?
Messages you receive while you're logged in get pushed to your phone or browser automatically. If you're not logged in, you'll be notified of new text messages and voicemails via email. If you'd prefer not to receive notifications, you can turn them off with a click in Settings.
Do you provide a volume discount for large companies?
Yes. We're happy to work with large companies and departments on volume pricing. Please contact us at sales@callingvault.com for more details.
What if I want more than one number?
Your CallingVault account is linked to your email address, and each account gets one number. If you'd like more than one number, simply sign up with multiple email addresses.
Is CallingVault available outside the United States?
CallingVault supports sending text messages to and from US mobile phones from anywhere in the world, but does not yet support making or receiving calls outside the US.
I have more questions. Who do I ask?
Write us at support@callingvault.com. We'll get back to you as fast as we can! (And we're usually pretty darn quick.)